Monday, August 15, 2011

Giveaway to Celebrate the 15 Books Award

Now that all 15 nominees have been revealed, it is time to celebrate and give away a few books.

In an attempt to not show favoritism, the nominees were revealed in alphabetical order by title, and I used the book descriptions from their publishers.

However there are three books on the list that are special.
This award is hosted by me in Minnesota, and three nominees have a Minnesota connection.

I have 1 AUTOGRAPHED copy of each of the nominees with a "Minnesota Connection" to giveaway!
(Information on how to enter the giveaway is at the bottom of this post.)

Mali Under the Night Sky is the true story of Lao-American artist Malichansouk Kouanchao ( based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who walked with her family from Laos to Thailand when she was five years old. Due to wars that were not contained by borders, she and her family had to leave their home to be safe. She remembers the journey, as well as the beauty and strength of Lao culture. Mali draws upon those memories when faced with the challenges of loss.

The Princess and Her Panther 
by Wendy Orr
Illustrated by Lauren Stringer (Minnesota illustrator) 

What do you get when you take:
  • one brave big sister
  • one not-so-brave little sister
  • a spooky nightime backyard,
  • and heaps of imagination?
The most magnificent camp out ever!

An excerpt of The Princess and Her Panther read by the author, Wendy Orr:

Blog Post review about Princess and Her Panther at 

by Alison McGhee (Minnesota Author)
Illustrated by Scott Menchin

Do you play the piano? I do.

Miss Kari, my piano teacher, tells me that true artistry takes great imagination. It also takes a lot of practice. The big day of my piano recital is almost here, and hoo boy, have I been practicing. I've even got the help of my lucky hat and shoes - not to mention my lucky underwear!

What could possibly go wrong?

This contest runs from August 15 to 11:59 PM on August 25. 
The winners will be announced on August 26, the first day of the Minnesota State Fair - also known as the Great Minnesota Get Together! (I'm a big fan of the fair.)

3 Books to give away, 4 Ways to Enter.
Each way will get your name entered one time. 
Do all 4, your name will be entered 4 times. 
  • Leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear if you have any special memories of or connections to Minnesota.
  • Tweet the link to this post. Please include @liblaura5 in the tweet.
  • Follow this blog using the follow button on the left hand side. (You may need to be logged in to blogger or google for this one.)
  • If you have a blog, post about the 15 Books Award and this giveaway on your blog*.
*link to your blog in a comment on this post so I will know how to find your fabulous blog.
~ If you think I will be confused about your number of entries, leave me information in the comments.
~~I will email or DM if you win, leave an email in the comments if needed.

I also hope you will join us in selecting the first winner of the 15 Books Student Choice Picture Book Award this school year.


  1. Hey...sign me up for the contest:)


  2. PS...I heart MN...especially lake life!

  3. Very happy that Minnesota just traded my Tigers a very talented Left-Fielder! Thanks Twins.

  4. I feel funny when I say this, but really, I can see Minnesota from my house. I live across the Mississippi and can see Minnesota bluffs from here.

    I'm glad you are doing this giveaway since that led me to your blog. :)

  5. Hello!!! I tweeted the post (well, I will be tonight... it's scheduled :) and am now following your blog! :) Thanks for doing this, fun! :) Can't have too many picture books! :) As far as Minnesota... I went to University with some friends from MN and they were among my favorites! So nice! And with a fun accent that we could lovingly tease (I'm in CA :) Fond memories of good friends!